Forestry Services

What is the main aim of forestry services?

The main aim of forestry services is to protect and improve the life span of and biodiversity of woodlands and the habitat within them. If woodlands are looked after timber value will increase.

Forestry services is the science and managing and repairing forestry and woodland areas. Forests provide food, fuel, shelter, and medicine for many people across the world. A poorly managed forest will deprive communities of their livelihoods and health.

The main responsibility of forestry services is to provide public access to forests and to protect the forest, and timber production.

The Forestry Commission

There is a forestry commission which is divided into three sections, Forestry England, Forestry Commission & forest research, over time the commission has broadened and includes many activities other than just timber production.

What does forestry service include?

A good company that provides forestry services will provide many services including Planting, Coppicing, Weeding, Timber extraction, tree surgery, ride Maintenance and chainsaw operations.

Planting: Planting trees

Coppicing: This is a pruning technique where a shrub or tree is cut to ground level.

Weeding: Dislodge weeds by removing them in various ways.

Timber extraction: The process of transporting cut timber from where it is growing.

Ride maintenance: provides scheduled and preventative maintenance.

Chainsaw operations: This includes bucking, felling, and liming using a chainsaw.

A good company that provides forestry services will be the best people to advise you how to maintain woodlands, whether it’s one or one thousand hectares of land. They are the experts so will be able to advise you on the best route to take with all your forestry services.